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Yemeksis.com is a food technology initiative that offers dynamic and alternative sales models to restaurants for online food orders.

The primarily objective of the system is to bring additional sales to restaurant businesses to their existing orders and within this scope, to provide a fully equipped website, mobile application, call center and sales channels management system to our businesses partners.

The project is functioning over the Internet in the form of "Software as a Service - SaaS" and aim to work as an indirect business model reaching out the end user by generating additional sales from the company's own website (Business To Business To Customer - B2B2C commercial model).

In this context, a channel manager module that enables the management of a comprehensive sales-oriented website, mobile application, call center management and other established online sales channels can be commissioned quickly without creating additional costs for a restaurant business.

The description of the general components and the sales flow has been visualized in the diagram below:

yemeksis graph

In addition to the provided software solutions and automation, Yemeksis.com offers multidimensional and comprehensive sales-oriented Digital Marketing work as an additional service. The following activities are regularly carried out in the context of these promotional activities:

  • Banner design to be used in Digital Marketing platforms and their use in related channels
  • SEO work for the new website created (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Adwords campaign management (sales-oriented works)
  • Google Display Network campaign management (sales-oriented works)
  • Instagram campaign management (sales-oriented works)
  • Facebook campaign management (sales-oriented works)
  • TikTok campaign management (sales-oriented works)
  • Google DN, Facebook, Instagram brand awareness development campaign management

Based on that, Yemeksis.com provides added value in terms of sales channel diversification, brand awareness and most importantly by generating additional sales with comprehensive digital marketing activities and addressing various critical processes.